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We are saved by the sacrifice of Jesus, but the first word Jesus preached was repent. We repent when we turn away from sin. We have no assurance that we are saved unless we repent.

May 16, 2021 / / Society

The Bible reveals a view of race that diverges from the view held by Western Civilization for the last five centuries. Consequently, interracial marriage is not an issue for those with a Biblical view. In fact, the primary concern for marriage from a Biblical view has nothing to do with race. Christians should concern themselves with marrying fellow Christians.

Christian hope differs from hope as we use it in everyday language. The type of hope we normally speak of is wishful thinking or fantasy. Christian hope is distinct insofar as it is confident a better future awaits. Christian hope transforms our lives as we set our sights on this better future, live our lives so that we may obtain it, recognize that our lives all unfold in different ways, and realize the path forward will have obstacles. God is faithful, and so we believe Christian hope is not in vain.