A Conflict Over Traditions

COC Radio Broadcast
COC Radio Broadcast
A Conflict Over Traditions

In “A Conflict Over Traditions,” the Pharisees and scribes confront Jesus about his disciples not keeping the tradition of washing hands before eating. The Pharisees and Jews believed in following the tradition of the elders, which included washing hands in a specific way and also washing various objects like cups and pitchers. They question Jesus about why his disciples do not follow these traditions.

Jesus responds by accusing them of being hypocrites, quoting from the prophet Isaiah. He criticizes them for prioritizing human traditions over the commandments of God. He gives an example of how they neglect the commandment to honor one’s parents. The Jewish leaders allow people to declare their possessions as a gift to God. By doing so, they avoid their responsibility to support their parents.

Jesus then addresses the crowd and emphasizes the importance of understanding his message. He urges them to listen and comprehend his words.

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