Camels, Needles, and the Kingdom

COC Radio Broadcast
COC Radio Broadcast
Camels, Needles, and the Kingdom

Jesus teaches his disciples about the difficulty of the rich entering the kingdom of God, comparing it to a camel passing through the eye of a needle. The disciples, astonished, question who can be saved. Jesus assures them that while it may be impossible for man, all things are possible with God.

Peter speaks of their sacrifices. Jesus promises that those who leave everything for him and the gospel will receive a hundredfold in return. Persecution and eternal life await in the future. He adds that many who are first will be last and the last first.

On their way to Jerusalem, Jesus foretells his betrayal, condemnation, mocking, and death at the hands of the chief priests, scribes, Gentiles and his resurrection after three days. James and John request to sit at his right and left in his glory. Jesus questions their understanding and ability to endure what he must endure.

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