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June 30, 2011 / / God, the Father

This post was initially written as an essay for a History of Science and Religion course that I took in college, as such please forgive the length. In the beginning was the universe. Before and after that point the debate gets messy. Was there a pre-beginning? If so, what was there, God? Aliens? Other Universes? Eventually the Earth comes along, some period of time later humans crept up and asked the question, who controls this crazy place? God, or time? In order to address this question this essay will look at the views of society, science, and the bible in terms of time, and God.

March 14, 2011 / / Apologetics

Religion vs Atheism.  Creation vs Evolution.  Science vs Religion.  Many of the great debates today are phrased in the context of Faith vs Reason.  It is assumed that faith and reason are incompatible opposites.  Caricatures of both sides are often accepted as fact.  Atheists are seen as having of no faith in anything besides themselves, living sad and worthless lives.  The religious are seen as having no capacity for reason, blindly believing the words in an ancient book, living sad and worthless lives. Neither view seems to be particularly useful as a starting point in a genuine discussion.  As such this article will seek to reframe the discussion.  Are faith and reason truly opposite viewpoints, opposing frameworks from which to view the world?  Are they mutually exclusive concepts?

October 26, 2010 / / Apologetics

How old is the Earth?  This question and related subjects have been at the heart of the Bible vs. Science controversy of the last several centuries.  Taken literally, the Genesis creation account and genealogical records provided throughout the Bible indicate a relatively young world, not older than 6,000 years or so.   Modern Science, of course, mocks this idea of an adolescent Earth, offering a dramatically different perspective in the billions of years and beyond.