Science and the Bible

Science and the Bible are often presented as at odds with one another. But in fact they complement one another.
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Science and the Bible

In this first dialogue, I asked Tad Morris, a scientist and a fellow evangelist, to explore the relationship between science and the Bible. We quickly agreed to a discussion about the “big-picture” questions that often stand in the way of scientists accepting the Bible and Christians accepting science. Tad and I both believe the Bible and science complement one another. Areas where they seem to disagree often result from faulty assumptions or conclusions as well as imperfect or immature interpretations. And even in cases where the contradictions seem to be irreconcilable, we both believe that those apparent contradictions should neither stand in the way of faith in God nor make faithful people reject science.

00:00:06 – Intro, welcome, Tad’s biography

00:02:43 – What is the objective of science?

00:04:27 – What is the apparent conflict between science and the Bible?

00:09:49 – Have science and faith always been at odds with one another?

00:14:52 – Should apparent contradictions stand in the way of belief?

00:20:35 – Are there areas where science is ill-equipped to guide us into truth?

00:25:49 – Can science explain human consciousness?

00:30:08 – Is altruism a basis for human morality?

00:35:23 – How should we handle doubts?

00:40:22 – Should the Bible be used as a science textbook?

00:45:03 – Does faith require evidence?

00:49:28 – How much evidence is enough evidence in order to believe?

00:57:58 – Does a strictly scientific view require a measure of faith?

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